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Check out some of my favorites below:


These Trendy Hyper-Specialized Paris Restaurants Each Make One Thing Incredibly Well (Fodor’s)
Macarons, cream puffs, éclairs, French fries – come to these spots for one thing only, and leave satisfied.

How to Make the Perfect French Omelette, According to Parisian Chefs (Food & Wine)
It’s more technical than you’d think.

Hot Take: Pair French Cheese with Beer, Not Wine (Curiosity Mag)
The wine-and-cheese pairing isn’t just tired – it’s also not the best way to bring out the flavors of either.

In 1590, Starving Parisians Ground Human Bones into Bread (Atlas Obscura)
Even a siege wouldn’t keep Parisians from seeking out their daily pain.

The Parisian Coffee Revolution: Why the French Capital Is Just Now Getting Good Coffee (Curiosity Mag)
Despite its plethora of cafés, coffee quality in Paris has historically been subpar… until now.

16 Wine Bars to Sip at in Paris (Fodor’s)
A handful of my favorites for wine, small plates, and more.

If You Think You’re a Decadent Fuck, Try Feasting Like a 19th Century Parisian (Vice Munchies)
Post-Revolutionary Parisians could really put it away.

The Curious History of French Onion Soup, Paris’ First Hangover Cure (Vice Munchies)
A history of this classic French dish, by way of a grotesque cemetery and a king’s major first world problems.

Talking ‘Fromage’ with Paris’ First Cheesemaker (Culture)
While Paris has long been a center for cheese lovers, cheese makers are a relatively new addition to the culinary landscape.

Falafel Foes Shout Across Paris’ Rue des Rosiers (Paste Magazine)
“The rue des Rosiers has been the epicenter of Jewish life, culture, and food in Paris since the late 19th century.”


prime rib
A prime rib at François Brun’s Limoges butchery.

The Proud History of Butchery in Limoges (Paste Magazine)
In Limoges, the butchers have their own chapel, their own saint, and hold the keys to the city.

Preserving Southern France’s Flame-Grilled Snail Tradition (SAVEUR)
In the South of France, snails are often enjoyed flambéed with lard.

This Cheese-Mite Covered Cheese Was Ostensibly Invented to Spite the Dutch (10Best)
Bright orange and covered in a lunar surface, mimolette is a curiosity worth exploring.

Love, War, and a Heart-Shaped Cheese in France (Curiosity Magazine)
French women once gave this cheese to English soldiers as a token of their affection.

The End to a French Cheese Tradition? (BBC)
Old loopholes have led to legislation that may change the taste of camembert forever.

Brie Noir: The Coolest Cheese You’ve Never Heard Of (Mise Magazine)
The “fantasy” of Brie isn’t Brie noir.

Bee Keeping in the Face of Climate Change (Cultures and Cuisines)
Saving bees is a tradition traversing generations in Sologne.

People Dunk this Cheese in their Morning Coffee (Vice)
My favorite French cheese has a bit of a strange tradition surrounding it.


A judging plate for the chicken category of the competition.

When American Barbecue Invades the European Kitchen (Epicure & Culture)
The self-defined “barbecue police” comes to Belgium to witness Americana appearing in Europe.

Can Belgium Claim Ownership of the French Fry? (BBC)
The French fry’s name isn’t random, but it isn’t French either.

From Corderos and Cheese to Alubias and Artisans: A Day in the Basque Country with San Sebastian Food (Border Hopping)
“To wake up to the smell of cheese and sheep is a strange situation to find myself in indeed.”

North America

5 Reasons Dieting is Bad for Long-Term Weight Loss – and the Solution that Works Every Time (Organic Authority)
Dieting is out – this technique is in.

The Great Debate: Which American BBQ Style is Best? (Far & Wide)
Which region boasts the very best barbecue?

5 Reasons Why It’s Time To Embrace Eating ‘Pegan’ and Ditch Paleo (Organic Authority)
This trendy new diet from Dr. Mark Hyman unites the best of the paleo and vegan diets.

Busting 7 Plant-Based Diet Myths (Looking at You, Protein Deficiency!) (Organic Authority)
Despite the ever-growing popularity of plant-based diets, there are still quite a few unfortunate myths surrounding these healthy eating plans.

Noma’s Chef Has Left the Fine Dining Industry to Tackle School Lunch (Organic Authority)
Dan Giusti wants to make a real difference in kids’ lives.