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Check out some of my favorites below:


The Curious History of French Onion Soup, Paris’ First Hangover Cure (Vice Munchies)
A history of this classic French dish, by way of a grotesque cemetery and a king’s major first world problems.

Talking ‘Fromage’ with Paris’ First Cheesemaker (Culture)
While Paris has long been a center for cheese lovers, cheese makers are a relatively new addition to the culinary landscape.

Patisserie de Resistance! Storm These 15 Bakeries in Paris (Fodor’s)
Delving into the top innovative pastry shops in Paris – a to-do list for your next visit!

Two Years After Deadly Attacks, the Café at Paris’ Bataclan Reopens (Vice Munchies)
“There are clients who cry, there are clients who confide in us, who tell us their stories, like a kind of therapy.”

Review: The New Paris (Paste Magazine)
I got the insider’s scoop on this beautiful new book by Lindsey Tramuta of Lost in Cheeseland, coming out in April.

Falafel Foes Shout Across Paris’ Rue des Rosiers (Paste Magazine)
“The rue des Rosiers has been the epicenter of Jewish life, culture, and food in Paris since the late 19th century.”

In Paris, You Might Want to Miss Lunch (Olive Oil Times)
“Cabri has fully converted what was once a simple olive oil shop into a lunchtime extravaganza of her own imagining.”


prime rib
A prime rib at François Brun’s Limoges butchery.

The Proud History of Butchery in Limoges (Paste Magazine)
In Limoges, the butchers have their own chapel, their own saint, and hold the keys to the city.

How the French Started Baking Tiny Babies Inside Cakes (Eat, Sip, Trip)
Delve into the history of the French galette des rois – an essential Epiphany tradition.

Brie Noir: The Coolest Cheese You’ve Never Heard Of (Mise Magazine)
The “fantasy” of Brie isn’t Brie noir.

Bee Keeping in the Face of Climate Change (Cultures and Cuisines)
Saving bees is a tradition traversing generations in Sologne.

Cutting the Cheese: A Guide to Cheese Etiquette (Paste Magazine)
Everything you never knew you needed to know about eating cheese properly.

People Dunk this Cheese in their Morning Coffee (Vice)
My favorite French cheese has a bit of a strange tradition surrounding it.


A judging plate for the chicken category of the competition.

When American Barbecue Invades the European Kitchen (Epicure & Culture)
The self-defined “barbecue police” comes to Belgium to witness Americana appearing in Europe.

From Corderos and Cheese to Alubias and Artisans: A Day in the Basque Country with San Sebastian Food (Border Hopping)
“To wake up to the smell of cheese and sheep is a strange situation to find myself in indeed.”

North America

The True Origins of 5 Iconic American Foods (Eat, Sip, Trip)
We might want to stop saying “American as apple pie.”

9 Top Chefs Doing Interesting Things with Food Scraps (Eat, Sip, Trip)
All across the nation, chefs are keeping food out of the garbage (and making it delicious).

The Most Beloved Dishes Created Out of Desperation (Eat, Sip, Trip)
From Nutella to mince pie, many of our favorite dishes came from times of austerity.

3 Good Reasons to (Mostly) Ignore Claims that GMOs Aren’t Dangerous (Organic Authority)
New studies show that GMOs may be healthy in some cases, but that doesn’t make them a good idea.

Busting Healthy Breakfast Myths: Dr. Mark Hyman’s 5 Tips to Eat Smart in the Morning (Organic Authority)
Functional medicine expert Dr. Hyman shares his rules for the “most important meal of the day.”

Is Soy Milk the Healthiest Plant-Based Milk? (Organic Authority)
A recent study indicates soy milk is the most nutritious plant-based option, but that doesn’t make it the best.

CrowdCow is Disrupting the Sustainable Meat Market (Organic Authority)
This company allows you to bid on “shares” of a whole, sustainably-raised steer.

What Does Grass-Fed Really Mean – and Who Decides? (Organic Authority)
We can all agree that “grass-fed” beef and dairy are better for you, but it’s tougher to agree on what, exactly, the term means.

Why You Should Crowdsource Your Meat – and How to Do it Right (Rodale’s Organic Life)
The ins and outs of the newest trend to hit CSAs.

How to Read Food Labels in 2018: A 5-Step Guide to Not Getting Duped (Organic Authority)
With the plethora of labels out there, we all risk label fatigue. Here are the labels that really mean something.

9 Chef Secrets for Getting the Most Out of Your Veggies, Scraps Included (Rodale’s Organic Life)
Chef Jehangir Mehta shares his favorite tips and tricks for using up scraps in the kitchen.

Is Label Fatigue Diluting the Meaning of Certified Organic? (Organic Authority)
Non-GMO, transitional, regenerative, cage-free, plant-based… studies show that the plethora of labels on our food isn’t actually helping us make better choices.

There’s More Demand for Organic in the U.S. than it Can Produce – What Does that Mean for Shoppers? (Rodale’s Organic Life)
An in-depth look at what happens when supply moves faster than demand. (Spoiler alert: nothing good.)

Is the USDA Organic Label Going Out of Style? (EcoSalon)
More and more farmers are opting out of the certification – and for good reason.

How It’s Made: Clover Sonoma, A Pioneer of Clean, Sustainable, Organic Milk (Organic Authority)
From its cooperative roots, Clover has become a pioneer of non-GMO and organic dairy.

Why It’s More Important to Be an Ethical Omnivore than a Vegetarian (Rodale’s Organic Life)
I used to think that giving up meat was the best thing for the planet. I was wrong.

I Tried Whole30, and the Results Were Super Surprising (Organic Authority)
Here’s what I found out.

5 Plant-Based Diet Reaction Fails Around the World (and 5 Major Wins) (EcoSalon)
From criminalizing the vegan diet to the recognition of veganism as an official ideology.

Is ‘Authenticity’ Ruining Good Food? (EcoSalon)
Why can’t we just call food “good”?