I’ve been a frequent contributor at various publications for stories related to sustainable agriculture, health, and of course, French food.

Check out some of my favorites below:


The Perfect French Baguette (BBC)
Three previous winners of the best baguette in Paris contest talk strategy, savoir-faire, and passion.

The perfect French baguette.

Buy an Orange (Gastronomica)
The pandemic made even the smallest tasks load-bearing. In this essay, I discuss how my favorite anxiety-buster became a source of strife during Paris lockdown.

Craft Coffee and Craft Beer are a Match Made in the Parisian Suburbs (October)
Chance cohabitation has led to creative collaboration between Deck & Donohue brewery and Ten Belles coffee roasters.

The Best Restaurants in Paris (easyJet Traveller)
My picks for bistros, contemporary fare, and more.

How to Make the Perfect French Omelette, According to Parisian Chefs (Food & Wine)
It’s more technical than you’d think.

Hot Take: Pair French Cheese with Beer, Not Wine (Curiosity Mag)
The wine-and-cheese pairing isn’t just tired – it’s also not the best way to bring out the flavors of either.

In 1590, Starving Parisians Ground Human Bones into Bread (Atlas Obscura)
Even a siege wouldn’t keep Parisians from seeking out their daily pain.

The Parisian Coffee Revolution: Why the French Capital Is Just Now Getting Good Coffee (Curiosity Mag)
Despite its plethora of cafés, coffee quality in Paris has historically been subpar… until now.

Two falafels battle it out on rue des Rosiers.

If You Think You’re a Decadent Fuck, Try Feasting Like a 19th Century Parisian (Vice Munchies)
Post-Revolutionary Parisians could really put it away.

Talking ‘Fromage’ with Paris’ First Cheesemaker (Culture)
While Paris has long been a center for cheese lovers, cheese makers are a relatively new addition to the culinary landscape.

Falafel Foes Shout Across Paris’ Rue des Rosiers (Paste Magazine)
“The rue des Rosiers has been the epicenter of Jewish life, culture, and food in Paris since the late 19th century.”


French Cuisine’s Changing Grammar (Whetstone)
“The plate, and gastronomy, above all in France, is an incredible mirror of society.”

The Misunderstood French Sausage That Has Its Own Association (Food & Wine)
Andouillette, a tripe sausage, represents just two percent of French charcuterie production, but one volunteer-based group is committed to preserving its cultural legacy.

You Are What You Eat… Especially If You’re a French Politician (Life & Thyme)
Marie Antoinette never said “let them eat cake,” but for better or worse, the French are obsessed with what their people of power eat.

The Revolution and Evolution of the French Breakfast (Life & Thyme)
Breakfast in Paris is a short and sweet affair—but this wasn’t always the case.

12 Things You’ve Got Wrong About French Cheese (Mashed)
Cheddar cheese is naturally yellow; Brie and Bordeaux make the perfect pair. These common misconceptions (and more!) are about to be challenged by cheese experts in the heart of fromage.

Salers is the French Cheese that No One is Talking About (USA Today)
It has high production standards that few can meet.

prime rib
A prime rib at François Brun’s Limoges butchery.

The Pandemic is One of the Many Forces Upending the 2020 Champagne Harvest (Wine Enthusiast)
The novel coronavirus pandemic has come for mighty Champagne.

The “Right” Way to Make Ratatouille (BBC)
The dish we all know and love as ratatouille is more complex than it may appear – and many dishes boasting the name – including the one made famous by Pixar – are anything but.

The Triumphant Return of France’s Forgotten Vegetables (Atlas Obscura)
Root vegetables like rutabaga and turnip have long been set aside, in France, but with the locavore movement, they’ve finally returned to French tables.

How Long-Ago Lava Flows Created a Unique French Cheese (Atlas Obscura)
Saint-Nectaire can’t be made properly without volcanic soil – and volcanic caves.

In the South of France, snails aren’t broiled – they’re flambéed.

Preserving Southern France’s Flame-Grilled Snail Tradition (SAVEUR)
In the South of France, snails are often enjoyed flambéed with lard.

This Cheese-Mite Covered Cheese Was Ostensibly Invented to Spite the Dutch (10Best)
Bright orange and covered in a lunar surface, mimolette is a curiosity worth exploring.

Love, War, and a Heart-Shaped Cheese in France (Curiosity Magazine)
French women once gave this cheese to English soldiers as a token of their affection.

The End to a French Cheese Tradition? (BBC)
Old loopholes have led to legislation that may change the taste of camembert forever.

Brie Noir: The Coolest Cheese You’ve Never Heard Of (Mise Magazine)
The “fantasy” of Brie isn’t Brie noir.

Bee Keeping in the Face of Climate Change (Cultures and Cuisines)
Saving bees is a tradition traversing generations in Sologne.

People Dunk this Cheese in their Morning Coffee (Vice)
My favorite French cheese has a bit of a strange tradition surrounding it.

The Proud History of Butchery in Limoges (Paste Magazine)
In Limoges, the butchers have their own chapel, their own saint, and hold the keys to the city.


A judging plate for the chicken category of the competition.

When American Barbecue Invades the European Kitchen (Epicure & Culture)
The self-defined “barbecue police” comes to Belgium to witness Americana appearing in Europe.

Cacio e Pepe: Italy’s Beloved Three-Ingredient Pasta Dish (BBC)
With just three ingredients, this rich, creamy pasta is a Roman favorite.

Can Belgium Claim Ownership of the French Fry? (BBC)
The French fry’s name isn’t random, but it isn’t French either.

From Corderos and Cheese to Alubias and Artisans: A Day in the Basque Country with San Sebastian Food (Border Hopping)
“To wake up to the smell of cheese and sheep is a strange situation to find myself in indeed.”

North America

Not a Fan of Hawaiian Pizza, Processed Cheese, and California Rolls? Blame Canada (Atlas Obscura)
Fusion foods and innovations associated with the U.S. quietly have roots farther north.

Battle of the Burger (Wicked Leeks)
When it comes to sustainability, plant-based burgers are not all created equal.