Hi, I’m Emily, and I tell stories for a living. (Mainly about cheese! Find out more about my love of all things fermented dairy via this interview over on France Today.)

I was born and raised in New York, but in 2007, I moved to Paris, and via a series of strange events, I ended up making the French capital my permanent home.

After pursuing a Masters degree in 19th century French literature – and many years of trying – I have come to the conclusion that I will likely never be French… but I’m not really all that American anymore either.

I work as journalist, navigating the world of culture shock and, of course, writing about food and drink for various publications including The Wall Street Journal, the BBC, and EatingWell. I also pen a weekly newsletter, Emily in France, to keep folks in the loop about my tastiest new discoveries, and I also give food tours of Paris’ Marais with Paris by Mouth.

My blog, Tomato Kumato, is home to musings on restaurants, books, and more. Speaking of which, I am also a writer of fiction! I’m repped by the Heather Jackson Literary Agency and am currently seeking a home for my first novel.

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